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Canvey Island Independent Party Your Island! Your Party!


Dear Resident,

May I take a few minutes of your time to ask you to please give your support to Canvey
Island Independent Party in the May local elections.

Our candidates are all local residents who are very community minded and want to do
their best for Canvey Island.

The more residents I talk to the more residents say they are fed up with being ruled by
mainland Tories. This year there is a big increase in your council tax. Castle Point Tories put
it up even though they have £6 million in reserves, Essex County Council Tories also put it
up and with the police precept it's an 11% INCREASE hitting hard working Canvey

Under this Council we are paying more and getting less. They have spent nearly a million
pound of your money on a
failed local plan and now they have put another £500,000 by to
have another go
. They have wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds on Town Centre
regeneration plans which never came about.

How can we trust these local Tory Councillors with our future when all they seem to do is
approve more and more houses and flats on Canvey bringing the Island to a standstill. Even
the Paddocks Community Hall is not safe after years of neglect they now want to pull it
down, build houses or flats on some of the area and put a smaller hall in its place.

This over development of Canvey simply cannot go on any more.

The mainland Tories, which rule the Council, see Canvey as the place to develop to save
their own mainland green belt.

Please come out to vote or use your postal vote for us. It's so important that Canvey
people show the Tories that we are against what they are doing to Canvey
. We need to
determine our own future on Canvey Island not as mainland Tories see it.


Kind Regards

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