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Martin Tucker

Hello everyone, I'm Martin Tucker one of the Town Councillors for Central Ward. I have been a Councillor for twelve years as a Borough Councillor for North Ward.

I have lived on Canvey for forty five years and my children all went to school on the Island.

I have the honour and privilege to be the first Mayor of Canvey Islands Town Council. This is something that has enabled me to meet residents both young and old, and the associations that support them.

Martin Tucker

Canvey Island Town Mayor

Dear residents, I have been a Central Ward Councillor ,coming up for 14 years now. My wife and I have lived on Canvey Island for 35 years,and in that time have seen many changes.

We have poor infrastructure and badly looked after roads,the pot holes keep on reappearing,and we still have surface water flooding problems. Added to that we are being told that we will be getting more and more houses built on the Island.

Major decisions are being made by others who know nothing about Canvey Island. As your Councillor I will continue to fight for Islanders and speak up on your behalf, on all issues that concern you.

We have lots to offer in our local environment,the seafront gardens,Thorney Bay and Concord beach, and Canvey West marshes and Canvey Lake.

With your support I will continue to make the Islands environment and open spaces better for us all.

Yours truly, Cllr John Anderson