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Canvey Island East

Alan Acott

I have had the privilege of representing East Ward at Castle Point Borough Council since 2014,

and in my second term at Canvey Island Town Council.

I have lived on Canvey Island for over 46 years. I am now retired, having worked for Essex County Council

Education Department, I was for several years manager of the centre in Furtherwick Park School.

I had over 19 years of service as a Retained Fireman at Canvey Island Fire Station.

During council debates regarding Canvey Island I have always spoken and voted against further

dwellings being built on Canvey Island. Especially blocks of flats being built on the industrial estate

at the end of Point Road. Demolition of one property and replacing it with 2 or more. I am concerned

about the Islands infrastructure including, roads, draining system, doctors, police, schools and the

future of fire and rescue service. I would like to see more attention paid to keeping the Island clear

of litter and general waste along side and main roads, dykes/ditches, sweeping of side roads,

more emptying of litter and dog bins especially in open spaces and the sea front.

If you see my ward colleague Carol Sach and myself walking around East Ward in our white tabards,

please do not hesitate to speak to us about any concerns you may have regarding Canvey Island or Castle Point.

Castle Point Borough Councillors

Carol Sach

Elected in May 2016

I have lived on Canvey Island for some years now.  Moving to Canvey was the best decision I ever made.  I love Canvey Island and the friendliness of the people.  I believe that Canvey cannot take any further development until our roads and drains are repaired as the Government has stated.  I am also totally against any further development especially on our greenbelt land.  Canvey is in my heart and I am totally committed to you, the residents of East ward helping to maintain and keep the spirit of Canvey Island alive.  

Canvey Island Town Councillors

Alan Acott

Carol Sach

Martin Tucker

Hello Everyone

I’m Martin Tucker I have lived on Canvey Island to close on fifty years. I have three children who all went first to Leigh Beck Junior, then on to Furtherwick Park school.

I have been a CIIP Councillor since 2004, I’ve served as a Borough Councillor for North Ward for twelve years.

For the last four years I’ve been a Councillor for Central Ward on the Canvey Island Town Council. I am proud to say they saw fit to make me their first Mayor. This gave me the opportunity to meet new people on Canvey and become acquainted with quite a few of our many associations. Helping with the Armed Forces day, Wild Life day and The Garden Trail were always highlights.

At the last elections the kind people of East Ward elected me to represent them on the Borough Council. I will try my best not to let them down.

Martin Tucker.