Canvey Island South

Borough Councilliors

Barry Campagna

My name is Barry Campagna and I was Born in  Islington North London and moved to Canvey in 1963. I am married and have two sons. I attended Long Road Juniors School and then went on to Furtherwick Park School.

I had a great time growing up on Canvey in the late 60s/70s, most islanders knew each other back then. That's why Canvey is so unique and friendly. I was first elected to the Castle Point Borough Council in 2012 and  like most Islanders I was unhappy with the local politics so I joined the CIIP. 

I am also a Town Councillor and a volunteer with Canvey Bay Watch and enjoy working for the benefit of Islanders on events like the 'Christmas Light Switch On,' 'Armed Forces Day' and the 'Wild Life Day' at Canvey's West Marsh.

I would like to see more Islanders getting involved with local politics, hopefully with the Canvey Island Independent Party. We are your Party, it's your Island, get active and have your say. 


Cllr Barry Campagna 


Barry Palmer

My bond with Canvey Island goes back a very long way. Most of my mother’s family moved this way from Stratford after the war and for 30 years we had a caravan on Thorney Bay.   

Canvey is seen as the poor relation by the Castle Point Tories, if anything has to be cut or dumped; Canvey is always the first option. Like our run down Town Centre & Seafront, & all the proposed new Housing without new infrastructure. I am very aware of this in relation to the recent flood as our bungalow was one of those flooded. The good things here are a direct result of CIIP fighting on resident’s behalf, including the Town Councils unique position as devoted to improving Canvey.

Campaigning for many things over many years is hard, but it’s never stopped me fighting for what is right. Like the Paddling Pool, I helped set up the campaign that saved it. Now it’s Thorney Bay, I am secretary of Canvey Bay Watch and Chair of Canvey’s Big Local £1m Lottery Grant, working to improve the most deprived area on Canvey. The fight for a better deal for Canvey goes on & it’s a privilege to be part of that fight on your behalf.  

Best Wishes

Barry Palmer


Jan Payne

I was first elected to represent South Ward in May 2008 and since then I have been re-elected in 2011 and again in 2015 to which I am very thankful to you the voter who have put me here to represent you.
Since becoming one of your ward councillors I have been very actively involved many campaigns and dealt with issues that you, the residents have asked me to look into. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I have committed to helping many of you out and will continue to do so.
I am a working mum and run my own business and I know only too well the financial struggles this brings in today’s current climate.
I will continue to fight against the extra housing that is thrown at us and believe we need better infrastructure including fairer access to GP surgeries, schools and more policing to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.
I have been involved in and supported many various community projects on Canvey Island and will continue to do so in the future.
There is still a very long way to go to get Canvey a fair deal and I am fully committed to continue my efforts to make Canvey a safer and better place for us all to live in


Town Councillors

Steve Sach

Barry Palmer