Canvey Island West

Borough Councillor

Dave Thomas

I was born and raised on Canvey and married with children at pre-school, junior and secondary school. Like me, I know many of you are becoming increasingly frustrated in how our great Island is being ruined and our voices being ignored by the current council regime. We all want to see our homeland thrive and prosper for us and future generations. We have lost street lighting, crime and anti-social behaviour seem to be getting completely out of control, our green belt land is being eroded away, our roads are a mess, bursting at the seams with traffic at a daily crawl, yet the council want more and more building on the Island and we are being ignored over The Paddocks, which some members of our council are determined to run a steam roller through.

I will say it as I see it, we need to take back our Island! Away from the people who are taking more and more away from us all. I am a very proud member of The Canvey Island Independent Party and believe together we can make that change. I will fight for you to have this Island shaped in a way that we all want to see. A Safe and prosperous place to live. I will leave you with this thought, if you vote the same people in who are not listening to you and are taking more away from us then nothing will change.

Canvey needs change and your vote can really do that.

Kindest Regards

David Thomas


Town Councillor

Elaine Harvey

I was born on Canvey Island in 1953 and have lived here ever since, currently in West Ward. I am married and have three sons two of whom also live on Canvey Island, and four grandchildren to date.

I was educated at  Leigh Beck Primary School, and at the age of eleven went to Canvey Secondary School which one year later became Furtherwick Park Comprehensive School. On leaving school I went to work in the City of London for an Insurance Company but didn't like the travelling so was always looking for local work. In the past I have worked at Canvey Library, William Read Junior School, Starr Snooker, The Oysterfleet Hotel and two different Doctor's Surgeries on Canvey. I was also employed by The Salvation Army at Hadleigh and Essex Police at Basildon.

I am now retired but like to keep busy so I have voluntry roles, Canvey Bay Watch and Streetsafe Canvey Patrol Group both based on Canvey Island. I also volunteer at Little Haven's Children's Hospice where I do gardening one morning a week. Being a Town Councillor fits in nicely with all of these roles and is of course also voluntry.

In the past I volunteered for 21 years as a Special Constable based on Canvey Island which speaks for itself as to my honesty and integrity.

My aim is to serve the residents of West Ward to the best of my ability.