Canvey Island Winter Gardens

Borough Councillors

Peter Greig

My name is Peter Charles Greig, I am 70 years old and have lived on Canvey Island for 39 years. I am retired therefore I can commit my time to carrying out work for the council. The Town Council has achieved many things since its formation. Planters have been placed in the town centre with bright hanging baskets full of colourful flowers, also the seafront gardens are maintained and looked after.

Each year we organise the Armed Forces Day Parade which has proved very successful also we look after the paddling pool on the seafront which is well used in the summer months. The Town Council organise the well attended Christmas Event where the town centre is closed to traffic so that residents can visitors can walk around and enjoy the entertainment and the Christmas lights, which get bigger and better every year.

I work hard to represent you in the issues that will affect Canvey Island.

Thank You

Peter Greig


Allan Taylor

I have lived in the Winter Gardens area of Canvey Island for 45 years and during this time have seen many changes. I am retired and, therefore, now have time to dedicate to Canvey and its people. I have been a member of Canvey Island Independent Party since its inception and have supported the party and helped st election times. For 3 years I was your representative on the Castle Point Highways Locality Panel which achieved good results.

I am totally against further house building on Canvey, especially on Green Belt land. The existing infrastructure needs to be completely overhauled and improved. As your local Borough Councillor I believe I can help make positive changes for the community. The work is a challenge but I do my very best at all times whether for young or old, fit or disabled to make our island a better place for us to all live.

Allan Taylor.


Graham Withers

Dear Resident,

I was just 2 years old when my family moved onto Canvey in 1970 and I grew up were remembering a happy childhood with fond memories of playing safely outside, the seawall being built and the carnival that seemed to go on forever!

Living on an island is special and so very different from any other town. As an adult I have seen the Island that I loved as a child slowly being eroded away. I, like you are fed up with mainland councillors approving building on every scrap of land, not just houses but now blocks of flats, with no thought of the impact on our infrastructure. Part night street lighting putting our safety at risk and making it difficult for our emergency services. Even the recycling centre has been changed making many of us travel off the Island to dispose of household items.

Canvey is becoming a car park both morning and night as we struggle to go about our daily business and if there's a road traffic accident or roadwork's our Island become totally gridlocked. Yet the Mainland Councillors STILL continue to approve development.

The final straw for me was the Paddocks and like many of you I have many great memories there. The conservatives have neglected it, voted to demolish it. What will be in its place…..More Flats?

I stand alongside my colleagues of the Canvey Island Independent Party and if elected I will work hard to protect our Island and make our Island a better and safer place to live. Enough is enough. Please support me to support you.

Kind Regards

Graham Withers


Town Councillors

Peter May

Peter Greig