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Canvey Island Independent Party Your Island! Your Party!

Independence for Canvey Island has been widely reported in the media. Journalists immediately make references to Catalonia and Brexit, and then we all think of independent governments, border controls and new currencies.

This is very far from the truth and the campaign “Yes We Canvey”.

So, what is this independence campaign really all about?

It all started with abolition of the Benfleet Urban District, before this Canvey had its own council with 18 councillors. Benfleet was also a separate council with 18 councillors.  In 1972 Ted Heath’s Conservative Government created the Local Government Act and Canvey was joined to Benfleet to make Castle Point Borough Council that we know today.

But the councils were not joined on an equal basis, Benfleet was a conservative stronghold and the balance of power was changed by the Conservative Government.  1 Councillor was removed from Canvey and 7 Councillors were added to Benfleet. This gives Benfleet Councillors a majority of 8.

Therefore, no matter how hard your CIIP Canvey Councillors work to benefit and support Canvey, they will ALWAYS be out voted by Benfleet. To make matters even worse the Conservatives now use the Cabinet System. This basically means that ALL the Conservative Councillors have GIVEN their votes to just a few Conservative Councillors, who just basically vote through what they want.

There doesn’t have to be a debate, discussion or even a vote. The Cabinet just decide what will happen, and just vote it through.

Now, Canvey Island has just become the poor relation, it is being asset stripped and all the unwanted problems are being resolved on your Island!

For example  the conservative councillors on the mainland always vote in favour of housing on Canvey island  as it help protect the green belt in the mainland and helps Castle Point meet government housing targets. The conservative out vote CIIP councillors on planning and they don’t listen to our valid arguments on infrastructure and flooding

Will Castle Point push for another road off of Canvey to help ease the congestion created by all the new housing? I will leave that to you to think on.

The Paddocks, one of our biggest assets, is an ideal location for the council to build 50 of new houses. It has been run down by the council, the caretaker removed and maintenance stopped. All to allow the council to prove it is not worth saving.

 A recent update from the council stated that it will need £1.5m just to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Money the Council does not have, therefore consultations have started to discuss how many houses will replace the Paddocks after it is demolished.

A recent inspection of the Paddocks by your CIIP councillors has revealed that the Paddocks needs new kitchens, toilets and a re-paint. The council has been challenged by your CIIP to explain how this will cost £1.5m. We are still waiting for a reply from Castle Point...

With the cabinet system in place the majority of the budget is spent in Benfleet. Look at Runnymede Swimming pool, it is currently losing £800,000 a year. The Council are spending £1.6m on a refurbishment. Then it will only loose £200,000 a year... I am sure you will agree this is a good investment...

The Council could save money by demolishing Runnymede, it will be an ideal location to build new homes. But why would the council want this on their own doorstep when they have Canvey?

This campaign is not about “independence”, it is about reforming the council for Canvey as it was, pre the Local Government Act 1972.

A council for Canvey and budget for Canvey.

Is Canvey too small to be an independent council?

Well, no. West Somerset Council is the smallest in England. The population is approximately 35,000 and a budget of £4m.

Canvey Island has a population of 38,170. So, we do have council’s of this size in England.

CPBC has a budget of £17.931m.

Benfleet and Canvey have around the same population. So if the council was split we would have approximately £8m for Canvey Island.

No more asset stripping of Canvey Island. No more the poor relations and no more being the dumping ground of the Benfleet councillors.

With the support of you, the Islanders, an independent Canvey Council is all possible.

For more information please contact your local CIIP councillor or write to us at

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