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We are the Canvey Island Independent Party. The Party was formed in 2004 because Canvey Island was being neglected by the main political parties.


Since that time we have gone from strength to strength, working through some very difficult issues for you the residents of Canvey.


We have fifteen Borough Councillors, nine Town Councillors and two Essex Country Councillors representing our Island.  


What being a member can do for you?  It brings you in contact with your local Councillors. We hold member’s meetings five times a year, which gives you a chance to talk to and meet your local Councillors and put forward your ideas of what you would like us to do for you, also how we can improve things on our island.  After all it is you the residents who put your trust in us to be your voice.  Being a Member also gives you a chance to attend our social events.


Member’s meetings are held in the Catholic Church Hall entrance at the rear of the Church in Long Road where we would love to hear your views and comments on Canvey Island and perhaps how we can improve the Island for you.  


If you share our views or feel you could bring a new voice, then please come along to our meetings.


Membership is free for the first year,


Why not come along and have your say on what is happening on Canvey Island.


We would love to hear from you.

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