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Peter Greig

Personal Update

Castle Point Borough Councillors

Allan Taylor

I have lived in the Winter Gardens area of Canvey Island for 45 years and during this time have seen many changes. I am retired and, therefore, now have time to dedicate to Canvey and its people.

I have been a member of Canvey Island Independent Party since its inception and have supported the party and helped st election times. For 3 years I was your representative on the Castle Point Highways Locality Panel which achieved good results.

I am totally against further house building on Canvey, especially on Green Belt land. The existing infrastructure needs to be completely overhauled and improved.

As your local Borough Councillor I believe I can help make positive changes for the community. The work is a challenge but I do my very best at all times whether for young or old, fit or disabled to make our island a better place for us to all live.

Allan Taylor.

Neville Watson

Personal Update

Canvey Island Town Councillors

Peter May

Personal Update

Canvey Island Winter Gardens